Mobile Trends Conference for e-commerce is a unique occasion dedicated to the e-commerce sector! First edition will take place on 13-14 September in Cracow. Check, why you simply cannot miss it!

More and more consumers are doing mobile shopping. M-commerce grows strong and companies need to prepare for activities in line with this trend, since it will surely be prevalent in the coming years. If you're working in the e-commerce sector, you will get the opportunity to learn how to effectively use your mobile channel for sales of products and services and how to increase your sales.

There are many conferences out there. What's so special about Mobile Trends Conference for e-commerce?

  • It's a first guide to e-commerce sector, which everybody who wants to draw clients to mobile channel, should know.
  • It's a chance to listen to lectures about the changes in the mobile technology trends which are to come.
  • It's about hints which will help you prepare your entrance to another sales channel to grow your income.
  • It's leaders who will share the secrets behind their success in m-commerce and effective marketing in this area.
  • It's real cases and experiences along with a detailed analysis of gains and losses, so that you don't make these mistakes ever again.
  • It's a community of practitioners and entrepreneurs who exchange experiences and help each other grow their businesses.
  • It's a knowledge kick for those who are only starting selling online.
  • It's a place where everybody from the industry comes and that’s why you have to be there too.
  • It's a possibility to meet future business partners over delicious coffee and cookies.
  • It's about meetings and fruitful networking with e-commerce representatives and their business partners.

It's an INVESTMENT which is worth it! Why?

  • Because we will gather all the e-commerce experts wanting to develop in one place.
  • Because you will meet new partners and make important business acquaintances.
  • Because now, you will never get lost in the maze of new trends and tech solutions for e-commerce.
  • Because you will learn the secrets of the biggest players, which make them unbeatable in online trade.
  • Because you will learn how to significantly increase your sales in mobile channels, using the tools available.
  • Because you will discover the real needs of your clients and the ways to answer them in the best possible way.
  • Because we won't let you out without the knowledge about the factors that affect the success in the e-commerce industry.
  • Because you will develop your competences when it comes to process automation and improvement of communication in the mobile channel.
  • Because you will learn the most innovative trends and solutions that are ready to be implemented.

It's the only conference where specialists from e-commerce and mobile area join their forces to talk about the new trends among other experts. You can be one of them!


Confirm your participation and get to know your potential business partners!


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Best Western Premier is one of the biggest conference centres in Cracow. It's more than 1000 sqm big. An elegant 4 star hotel offers comfortable accommodation for the attendees of the event, while a modern conference and exhibition space consisting of 8 rooms, can be arranged to your liking depending on individual needs. Each of the rooms is fitted with modern tech solutions when it comes to audio and lighting systems, multimedia and conference equipment, which makes the service first class.


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