• Steven

    Steven Hoober

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    Steven Hoober wrote the book on mobile design patterns, and is best known for his ongoing research into how people really use touchscreen phones and tablets. He is a reformed unicorn who has been a DBA and a FED but has focused on designing for mobile and multi-channel products since 1999, designing the first Google mobile search, the first mobile app store (for Sprint), mobile browsers including parts of the Samsung one you might be using right now, websites like Weather.com and Lowe's, and apps for companies like Hallmark, US Bank and Cummins diesel. Steven maintains a repository of mobile design and development information including all the content from the O'Reilly book Designing Mobile Interfaces at the 4ourth Mobile Patterns Wiki, and regularly writes for UX Matters magazine.

  • Bartlomiej

    Bartlomiej Jakubowski

    Bartek is a Presales Engineer at Akamai Technologies. In his day to day work he helps Akamai's customers and prospects across Europe to optimize and secure their online presence. He is passioned about Web Performance and exited to share this passion with you!

  • Tomasz

    Tomasz Karwatka

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    CEO of Divante eCommerce Software House, former eCommerce Owner. Author of two books about UX for eCommerce (one of them was a Wolters Kluwer bestseller). Speaker at international conferences like Web Summit, Magento Events etc.

  • Sebastian

    Sebastian Malczyk


    In IT for more than 4 years now. He has been building his experience in Miquido, where he went through being Test Manager to Scrum Master in international projects. Currently he advises clients how to choose best tools and technologies in order to transform their ideas into functional software.

  • Mariusz

    Mariusz Pełechaty

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  • Grzegorz

    Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński

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    An entrepreneur and manager, he has been translating the ideas of e-commerce development into IT systems. Once a member of a group comprising 4 co-workers, today he works in an over 200-strong team bound by shared values and culture. The co-founder of one of Poland’s first interactive agencies Internet Designers and a member of the Board of Unity Group, which made its culture and value a Key Selling Point in its relations with employees and clients. He has been in charge of a project involving a merger of 3 companies, the unification of their cultures, as well as the implementation of agile methodologies and the turquoise culture in the group’s management. An expert and innovator in the fields of digital transformation, business development, and innovation development methods, he regularly shares his knowledge at seminars and conferences, actively disseminating the ideas of corporate growth through cooperation and exchange of knowledge.

  • Marcin

    Marcin Rudzik

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    Marcin Rudzik is the owner of the e-commerce agency Brand Active which create e-commerce strategy and deals with individual consultancy for new stores. He has two online stores and he treats them like a testing ground. He has been connected with e-commerce for 8 years. In the past, he managed many IT projects and programming team. He is a supporter of Agile philosophy and today he implements this philosophy in e-commerce projects. With his agency he provides marketing support, e.g. for company RUCH S.A.

  • Paul

    Paul Swaddle

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    A self-confessed ‘gadget geek’, Paul has been working at mobile’s leading edge for over 15 years. He co-founded Pocket App, the UK’s leading independent app developer, in 2011, leading the company as CEO until he assumed the role of Chairman in June 2016. With extensive industry knowledge and a renowned reputation, Paul regularly provides thought leadership on app development, mobile trends and business. He has acted as a mentor in the Mayor’s International Business Program, spoke at the University of Kent’s App Development Conference and appeared as a judge on the BBC Television programme, The Apprentice. Paul was awarded an OBE in the 2014 New Year’s Honours List and has sat on the board of Young Enterprise Reading, the UK’s largest business and enterprise education charity.

  • Rafał

    Rafał Tabaczek


    Inżynier z wykształcenia, 18 lat w sprzedaży, 8 lat jako trener i konsultant, 6 tyś.przeszkolonych os., 9 tyś godz.na sali szkoleniowej. Z marką EMP związany od 2 lat. Jako konsultant pomaga tworzyć aplikację z nastawieniem na kreatywne i nowoczesne rozwiązania wspomagające zarządzaniem zespołami mobilny Certyfikaty: 1.Certyfikowany Coach ICF 2.Certyfikowany Manager VCC 3.Certyfikat Praktyk NLP 4.Konsultant Discovery Insights 5.Certyfikat konsultanta rozwoju organizacyjnego - Competence Navigator 6.Certyfikat Instytutu Rozwoju Biznesu - Angażujące metody szkoleniowe 7.Certyfikat - kompetentny trener biznesu - Grupa Set 8.Nagroda Polish National Sales Awards – Najlepszy Trener Sprzedaży w Polsce w 2014 roku 9.Wyróżnienie PNSA – kategoria: Super Sprzedawca w 2014 roku

  • Jeroen

    Jeroen van Geel

    Jeroen van Geel is co-founder and strategist at Oak & Morrow. His mission in life is to bring back a bit of wonder into this world, even if it’s just for his kids. He’s worked on many different projects, ranging from the self-service passport gates at Schiphol airport to the next generation car configurator of Mazda. He can’t stop talking about cycling.

  • Tomasz

    Tomasz Woźniak

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    Tomasz Woźniak — current co-owner and CEO of Future Mind, a company that has completed over 100 mobile app projects. Since 2009 Future Mind develops iOS, Android and advanced Web software. Skycash, Żabka Polska, LPP S.A., Euro RTV AGD, Empik, Virgin Mobile, Morizon S.A. or Philips can be counted among our past and present customers. Future Mind combines qualities of a classic software house with those of a tech product strategy company. We build apps from scratch and support already existing products. Tomasz Woźniak still takes part in the development of innovative products for his customers. He's also a lecturer at Collegium Civitas and ALK.

  • Konrad

    Konrad Dzwinel


    Konrad is a front-end developer at DuckDuckGo, Chrome browser contributor and ex-Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies. Over the years he worked for various startups, consultancies and software houses building webapps, websites and hybrid apps.

  • Michał

    Michał Giera


    A passionate of new technologies and mobile solutions, associated with the Internet industry for years. Currently, within the structures of Spicy Mobile, he operates in the area of "business intelligence" and develops new competencies for the company. His career started at Gazeta.pl, in the advertising sales department. He joined Wirtualna Polska team in 2008, where he was responsible for the foundation the multimedia advertising network (AdTotal) based on a three-screen strategy. Then, he was working on his own project in the field of research and IT production for 4 years. Currently, he develops new services targeted at companies interested in mobile market and m-commerce. He has also been a speaker at numerous industry conferences as well as a lecturer of mobile marketing.

  • Maria

    Maria Leńczuk


    Sociologist, researcher, UX consultant. She worked with NGO's, public administration and business. Evaluated numerous social projects, analysed the labour market, implemented IT solutions in NGO's and public offices. For the last two years,​ she focuses on improving the user experience of services in finance, building industry and B2B. She specialises in quantitative methods, as well as in expert interviews.

  • Marta

    Marta Mielcarek

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    I am UX/ UI Designer at SoftwareMill. I teach students at Adam Mickiewicz University, where I am doing PhD. I am also founder of Tipi UX meet ups :)

  • Konrad

    Konrad Olejarczyk


    Being involved in banking from the start he quickly decided to connect it with User Experience. Konrad has developed first UX processes in Credit Agricole bank and was responsible i.a. for CA24 Mobile application. Currently, in Mobee Dick, he is still leading projects closely related to financial services and payments sector.

  • Joanna

    Joanna Ostafin

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    On a daily basis, she deals with the design of UX strategy and ... disagreeing with his clients - Joanna supports teams in verifying ideas and business models, believing that all should be based on real problems and needs of recipients. She is in love with the Lean approach (Lean Startup & Lean UX rule!) and workshops - she believes in co-creation, problem solving and generating ideas with whole team. Co-founder of Project: People and Krakow's Design Initiative (Krakowska Inicjatywa Designerska).

  • Raluca

    Raluca Radu

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    Raluca Radu is the Country Manager of Answear (the top online fashion retailer in Central and Eastern Europe) in Romania since its launch in the autumn of 2015. With an extensive experience of over 13 years in digital strategies for online business and online marketing, Raluca is deeply involved in the education and growth of e-commerce in Romania, also being the Co-Organiser of GPeC – The Most Important E-Commerce Event in Romania. In her spare time, Raluca acts as both an e-commerce trainer and digital marketin trainer as well as online strategy consultant, offering feedback and helping online businesses grow

  • Patrycja

    Patrycja Rozmus

    Since early childhood Patrycja was creating and rearranging reality on bits of paper. Today she still likes to draw and holds a Master of Fine Arts, with experience in web, web apps, book publishing and in advertising. Worked for brands like Onet, Ringier Axel Springer, TVN, Przegląd Sportowy, Plejada, VU Mag, Pascal Publishing House to name a few. She was also a teacher in Cracow School of Graphic Design. Currently Patrycja is leading the Design System Team at Brainly.

  • Patrycja

    Patrycja Walencik

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  • Marcin

    Marcin Kociuba


    Strategy Manager we FreshMailu. Odpowiada za przygotowanie i wdrożenie strategii email marketingowych dla kluczowych klientów. Zdarza mu się regularnie napisać parę słów w Marketerze+ i Nowej Sprzedaży, jak i wystąpić z prezentacją na konferencjach czy szkoleniach marketingowych. Wykładowca studiów podyplomowych w Collegium Da Vinci i WSB w Poznaniu.

  • Agata

    Agata Krypczyk

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    Professionally Agata is a Marketing Manager at EmailLabs and SMSLabs, after hours an author of blog - AgataPisze.pl. Every day for breakfast she enjoys a fresh portion of marketing news, which go very well with a morning coffee. She is virtually using her phone 24/7 and cannot imagine life without internet. Moreover Agata is trained political and public marketing specialist. Creating marketing campaigns on social media, commenting on marketing trends and photography is her daily routine.

  • Łukasz

    Łukasz Malinowski


    Media Strategist, ROI and hard evidence from econometrics are the basis for all his recommendations. He is experienced in planning campaigns in all media channels. During 8 years in the industry, he worked for both large global clients (GSK, Microsoft) and dynamic start-up businesses (Storytel.pl, ZnanyLekarz.pl). He is a finalist of the Young Media Lions competition at the international level (Cannes 2014).

  • Krzysztof

    Krzysztof Marzec

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    CEO @ DevaGroup, partner agency Google Premier and Google Rising Star. Google Ads trainer and certified Google Analytics specialist. European Search Awards judge. Author of trainings and articles as well as two books on this topic, lecturer at the Jagiellonian University and the Tischner European University. He has worked for such brands as: Allegro.pl, DaWanda, Neo24, Shoper.pl, Conrad.pl, Interia.pl, RMF Group and Bauer Publishing. He specializes in strategies that use digital analytics to optimize operations.

  • Kaspar

    Kaspar Szymanski

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    Kaspar Szymanski a renowned SEO expert, former senior member of the famed Google Search Quality team and among the select few former Googlers with extensive policy driving, webspam hunting and webmaster outreach expertise. Nowadays Kaspar applies his skill set to recover websites from Google penalties and help clients to max out the potential of their websites in search engines.

  • Adam

    Adam Wesołowski

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    Adam is a Growth Strategy Director at Ladder.io, a growth marketing agency with offices in NYC, London and Wroclaw (Poland). As a GSD Adam works with clients on growth-related activities and manages a team of ambitious strategists. He is an active speaker engaged to the local startup community and Google Launchpad mentor. The only marketing expert in Google Developers Experts programme.

  • Łukasz

    Łukasz Zaleśny


    He is an enthusiast of using strategic thinking in the field of Customer Experience. He works closely with clients in developing brand communication strategies. He prefers collaboration through workshops - using collective work models and interactive methods of moderating groups. He is passionate about preparing creative presentations. A graduate of the Brand Strategy School at SAR. Speaker at marketing conferences: Forum IAB Forum, IAB Internet Week, Marketing Progress, AdUniverse, European Economic Congress and European Start-up Days. He is responsible for strategic support for Blue 449 clients, developing strategic workshops offer, improving the quality of strategic recommendations and implementing innovative communications projects at the intersection of media and creation.

  • Maciek

    Maciek Ziemczonek


    Maciek Ziemczonek - one of the leading figures of Polish e-commerce. Specializes in: SEO, SEM, performance marketing, online analytics and e-mail marketing. His e-commerce journey started at Militaria.pl in 2004. The next career stops were Ceneo.pl and Pixers. Currently Performance & Outbound Marketing Manager at the Domodi Group, owner of Allani, Domodi and Homebook.

  • Maciej

    Maciej Żyto


    Maciej Żyto is Head of Digital Marketing at euro.com.pl, the biggest e-shop in CEE. He has 18 years of experience in strategy and operational management. It was gained in omnichannel retail, loyalty scheme and telco. He is also a speaker at the events covering personal and professional development, based on his achievements in ultra running and winter exploring.


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